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Box Maze has been Greenlit and will be available on Steam Early Access.

Please visit the Steam store page at http://store.steampowered.com/app/512020/

Don't be discouraged by the fact that this is a 2D box game, the idea and features lay deeper into the games core build. Yes, ok it might not seem that way but we all love a small game we can play on the side while waiting for GTA V to load right? Well Box Maze is just that, jump into a quick online 1v1 Duel Arena and challenge anyone around the world while trying to crack the ranking ladder.

This is the Demo of the game, Box maze has been added to the Steam Greenlight Community

Any suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to abi7ity@boxmaze.co.za.
If your suggestion makes it into the game I will give you credit :)

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with what we are working on www.twitter.com/BoxMazeGame

Please share the love and get your friends to play and subscribe on Steam (requires you to download and install the FREE version of Game Maker: Studio (Less than 100mb) to download the Demo at no cost at all. (Downloading the game for FREE will grant you access to the Demo only and will not grant a Steam key once the game is released on Steam - to receive a Steam key please purchase the Early Access package below)

Feel FREE to download the Demo here and play at no cost at all or help support the development of the game by naming your own price or even by purchasing a fancy little Exclusive Package.

Play as a silly box and pass each level by finding your way to the door without being killed by your enemies. Use your enemy to reach higher platforms by jumping on its head (this also kills some enemies). Some levels may have multiple doors which will either push you back a level (or more) or pass the level. Some levels will require quick reflexes just to survive the first second ;).

Play against a challenging AI set to destroy you as you fight to beat your high score.

Play with a friend and use each other to reach higher platforms or kill pestly bosses and high level enemies.

Challenge your friends or foes in a 1v1 arena where only the best will survive, win by reaching the door first or by entering into their world and destroying their faces :P

Challenge your loved one to a 1v1 Duel (Perfect for deciding who is going to wash the dishes)

Ever wanted to take down your bestie? No seriously, kill them.

Fun and educational levels and game modes for kiddies of all ages.

1. Player made levels.

2. High score/online stats.

3. Boss fights.

4. Character customization.

5. Score system.

6. Online multiplayer.

7. Market place (No pay to win perks will be available).

8. Steam trading cards.

9. Mobile version.

10. Count down timers for each level.

Any many more.

Purchasing any of the Exclusive Packages will include a full copy of the game, your name will also appear in the Box Maze Hall of Fame with the feature/level/design/etc that you purchased.

Exclusive Packages will consist of:
1. Player created levels.
2. Player created enemies.
3. Community created character customization.
And many more.

Question - What is the next goal if the game gets Greenlit? Answer - Our main goal will be to release an Early Access version of the game.

Question - What features will be available in Early Access? Answer - We will firstly focus on single player, co-op, level building and any bugs that may pop up.

Question - When will the game have multiplayer? Answer - Our first release will have full support for local/same computer multiplayer in co-op and 1v1 duel arena modes.

Question - How many level do you plan on adding to the game? Answer - We plan on having hundreds of levels in all modes of the game, we will continue to add more and more levels with updates, our current goal is to release 5 new levels per week which will consist of at least one community made level if available at the time.

Important Note: The current build of the game is Single Player and Co-op only, online features will be available on Steam at a later stage if we get Greenlit. However if we get funded and do not get Greenlit we will still release the game with all features on another platform.


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